Airline Transport Pilot, airplane multiengine land
Commercial privileges, airplane single engine land
Commercial privileges, glider
Endorsed for complex, high-performance, tailwheel, and pressurized airplanes
EFIS/FMS experience
over 5500 hours total time
over 1500 hours of dual given: gliders to multiengine turboprops
Former 14CFR135 Check Airman
Experience in Australia, Canada, England, France, and Thailand
Former Aircraft Owner (Mooney, Taylorcraft, Standard Jantar 2)

PhD in Mathematics
35 years university teaching experience
Author of Understanding Mathematics for Aircraft Navigation, McGraw-Hill, 2001.
Author of many technical articles
Contribute monthly column to EAA Chapter Newsletter

Blog Surrounded By Air

Gliders: Jantar, 2-33, Grob 102, Grob 103, Blanik L13
Singles: C152, C170, C172, C172RG, C177; Pacer, Tripacer, Warrior, Archer, Cherokee SIx; Grumman Tiger; Taylorcraft; Ercoupe; Diamond Star
Complex and High-Performance Singles: Mooney [250 hours]; C182 [650 hours]; C206, C210 [220 hours]
Piston Twins: Seneca [750 hours]; Cessna 340; Cessna 414 [450 hours]; Rockwell Commander
Turboprops: King Air B200 [825 hours], TBM700

Member EAA, AOPA, IEEE, Institute of Navigation, American Mathematical Society

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