A few pilots, always trying to improve, seek an experienced instructor whose focus is them, not his own next rating.  An instructor who is a skilled pilot.  A patient instructor whose extensive experience has made him humble.  A career teacher who flies, not a career flyer who teaches.  An instructor who can't decide which he likes more, an Ercoupe or a King Air.

My goal is to help those pilots.  Some are beginning students, some are experienced ATPs.  They fly singles, or gliders, or twins.  I guide them from where they are to where they want to be.

I have been fortunate to experience many things in aviation: fun flying, mountain flying, medical flying, fire fighting, and executive charter.  I've done the flying that you want to do.

I take pride in the achievements of my students.  I handle complexity with aplomb, yet cherish the simple things.

Professional pilots, with the benefit of experience and regular practice, review at least twice a year.  Many airline and military pilots review daily.  Yet those flying for their own business or pleasure need only review every other year.  Some think this is not enough.  If you are this kind of pilot, schedule a flight review or instrument proficiency check, and let me help you achieve your flying goals.

Don't think "I don't know enough to work with a professor."   As a professor, I enjoy starting at the basics as much as I enjoy more advanced work.

I am based on Pocatello, ID, and am available for flight instruction anywhere, but I primarily serve Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming.  Whatever kind of flying you want to do, it would be my great pleasure to help.